“Outback Suite” consists of three pieces that can be performed together or as short standalone works. Each movement seeks to elicit a scene from Australia. In her program notes, Amanda Sycamore states that the pedagogical intention of these pieces is to “focus on developing core four-mallet technique while sounding like recital works.” Composing for a 4-octave marimba is also a definite plus, as it allows for more accessibility. The three movements primarily focus on double stops, rotation strokes, rolls, alternating strokes, and single-mallet playing. Each movement presents musical challenges including dynamic and tempo changes, shaping of repeated material, and ample room for expression, particularly in the “freely” sections of movement two, “The Never, Never.” Each movement is tonal and between approximately two and four minutes in length, adding to the accessibility for many students, teachers, and audience members. It is difficult to find quality four-mallet marimba literature for students early in their development, so “Outback Suite” is a very welcome collection of works. I plan to use it with my own students, and highly recommend it to others!