This article discusses the “Chime” Tubaphone built by William “Billy” Dorn, a percussionist and instrument designer. Dorn, known for his work with the NBC Symphony Orchestra and as a teacher, created unique instruments for his own use and his students. One of his students, Peter Erskine, acquired instruments from Dorn, including the vertically-mounted, chromatic tubaphone. The tubaphone, originally named tubuscampanophone, was patented by J. C. Deagan in 1888 and is constructed from hollow tubes or pipes. It is featured in Kachaturian’s ballet, “Gayne,” and has a distinctive eyehook suspension system. Dorn’s “Chime” Tubaphone is made from copper and aluminum tubing, with a range from C4 to F5. The instrument is held together by a wooden frame reinforced with aluminum bracing and painted in red and gold.