Media Credentials Request

All Media representatives who wish to submit a Media Credentials Application must first read the PASIC® 2024 Media Policy.

  • Media credentials will only be issued to confirmed paid artist sponsors and members of accredited media organizations whose attendance at PASIC will result in coverage — whether print, online, or broadcast — of PASIC.
  • Credentials will be granted to no more than two individuals from any one sponsor or media organization.

Media Credentials Pick-up

  • You will be notified via e-mail if your Media request has been approved.
  • Media credentials will not be mailed in advance; they must be picked up on-site at the PASIC Show Office during regular PASIC Show Office hours.


  • A PASIC Media Badge will give you access to the International Drum and Percussion Expo during show hours, and access to clinics, master classes, concerts, panels, presentations and competitions.
  • Media representatives at PASIC are required to wear their media badge at all times and are required to identify themselves as media representatives when interacting with convention attendees, guests, and staff.

Artist Interviews

PAS will not assist in arranging interviews with artists. Reporters and Media representatives bear the sole responsibility of arranging interviews through artist sponsors and publicists. Please respect the wishes of our artists if permission for an interview is refused.

Misplaced Badge

If you misplace your badge, you will need to get a replacement from the registration desk. There is a $100 fee to replace a missing badge.