Compete at PASIC 2024

The Individual & Ensemble Competition provides a competitive avenue for collegiate and high school-level individuals during PASIC.

Students may enter only one individual competition category through September 1. They may register for additional categories, space permitting, after that date.

The Process

Individuals and Esnembles are divided into High School and Undergraduate University divisions, with the oldest member of an Ensemble determining the division in which they compete. Students may register for multiple categories if the schedule permits. However, PAS is unable to alter the schedule to accommodate participation in both events.

Competition Details

All participants must be current members of the Percussive Arts Society at the Individual level (VIP, All-Acces, or International) or part of an active Group Membership through November 30, 2024. Participating students can join PAS, or renew their membership here.

Any high school or full-time undergraduate university student may enter. Ensemble members MAY be comprised of students from multiple schools as long as they are full-time students.

  • Entries must include a completed Registration Form. Entries will be accepted in the order they are submitted, emailed, faxed, or postmarked. Performance order will be determined by the reverse order of entry (the first entry received will perform last, second entry will perform next to last, etc.). If applications are postmarked on the same day, performance order will be determined by a random draw at the PAS office. Only 20 Individuals will participate in each solo category, and 12 for each ensemble category.
  • Students may enter only one individual competition category through September 1. After that date, students may register to compete in additional categories. Please note: schedules are unable to be altered in consideration of students competing in multiple events.
  • A category must have at least two participants to be considered a competition. If there is only one participant in a given category, that individual/ensemble may perform in exhibition for comments only.
  • All registration forms and documentation must be received by PAS no later than October 1, 2024.
  • Individual Categories: Marching Snare, Concert Snare, Tenors, Keyboard, and Timpani
  • Ensemble Categories: Marching Snare, Bass, Tenors, and Mixed (any combination of percussion instruments).

PLEASE NOTE: Each Individual & Ensemble participant is responsible for providing, moving, and storage of their own equipment. While PAS will attempt to secure timpani and keyboard instruments for warm-up and performance, we will not be able to confirm acquisition of these instruments until the weeks leading up to the event.

Before registering for the Individual & Ensemble Competition, please review the full set of guidelines found HERE.

Post Registration

Completed Repertoire Selection forms must be submitted to PAS by October 1st.